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You know what success looks like in your operation. That's why Preferred Capital Management's experienced swine team comes pre-loaded with the expertise to get the job done plus the adaptability to deliver results based on each farms' individual goals.

Preferred Capital Management is headquartered in Fairmont, Minnesota, readily available to serve farms in Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota.

Our team has decades of experience, and yet, has a passion for developing better ways for you to build success. Our services encompass the traditional and embrace the innovative, creating work flow that works for you.

Farming is more than a's a way of life. That's why we are passionate about building successful operations designed to work from generation to generation, allowing farmers to farm, bring their kids back to the farm and keep going so Mom and Dad can retire comfortably (and come back to drive the tractor once in a while).

Whether we manage your farm or you're a part of the team, we value creating relationships rooted in reliability, trustworthiness, and integrity.

What Makes PCM Unique?

  1. We realize not all farms are the same and approach each farm and family with an individualized plan.
  2. We firmly believe you, the customer, has to win first; then we succeed together, and only then can PCM thrive.
  3. We bring progressive and new opportunities to the table.

Our Values

Our values are based on our belief that customers deserve a partnership built on trust and a healthy professional relationship. We strive to exceed our customers' expectations while being relentlessly authentic.

Serving the Swine Industry

Swine Management

Preferred Capital Management links financial and production information together to enable bottom line management decisions through our integrated service model which includes human resources, production management, accounting and more.

We are continually strengthening all areas of production, management, and records allowing us to bring the best options to your operation.

Human Resources

Our team of HR professionals can take on your employee management headaches so you can focus on improving your operation. Recruitment, payroll, benefits, and employee relations management...we'll handle them all.

Production Management

Building out on-farm processes and creating a team is something our team lives for! Whether it's coordinating vet services and production records or conducting regular facility maintenance and inspections, we have the "go" to get it done.

Financials & Accounting

Managing money is key to ensuring your business runs smoothly. We'll take on accounts payable and receivable, manage your year-end reports and even tackle taxes for you. You get the reports and make the decisions, we do the rest.


Permitting and records keeping is such an integral part of the pork production management process, and we have the best of the best on our team to help.

Business Strategy

The team at Preferred Capital Management is not only made up of workers and doers, but thinkers, leaders and planners as well. Our team is equipped to help our customers with business decisions, too, such as managing strategic relationships and estate planning.

Serving Farmers

From Start to Finish

We can help you regardless of what stage you're at in pork production management.


Land Acquisition

Let us facilitate the siting and land purchase for your swine building project.



The PCM team will help to ensure your site is permitted and your project meets environmental standards.


Construction Management

Our project management team is well-equipped and experienced to oversee your construction project.


Team Management

We'll find the right people for your barn, and manage them after they've been hired.


Production Management

Start to finish, the PCM team is there to manage health visits; keep accurate, actionable production records; ensure care and comfort to your animals and keep your operation ship-shape.

And that's not all. Utilize the team at Preferred Capital Management for specific services like genetics, financing, and business structure, or as a consultant on relationship management, creating targets or goals, and how to execute those.


Meet the Team


Mike Wubbena

Integrator & CFO


Shamus Brown

Visionary & Business Development


Emily Wegener

Environmental Services & Permitting


Stacy McAleavy

Human Resources


Wayne Nienhaus

Production Management


Brandy Bressler

Northern Production Lead


Justin Breitbarth



Lori Kain

Client Relations & Pig Flow


Carter Lloyd

Production & Maintenance Support


Ben Becker

Facilities & Construction Management


Joanna Borkenhagen

Financial Assistant


Susan Billett

Financial Assistant


Sarah Garry


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